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Guiding You Through Your Uncontested Divorce

Not every divorce needs to be a battle. Sometimes, two people mutually decide to end their marriage and come to an agreement on divorce issues like child custody (now known as allocation of parental responsibilities), property division, and maintenance (commonly known as alimony). Then, all that is left to do is to make the divorce legally official.

An uncontested divorce can be a great option in these cases. The attorneys at Shyama S. Parikh, P.C. guide people in Lake County through this process, helping them understand the steps they need to take and assisting them to finalize their case.

The Benefits Of An Uncontested Divorce

The benefits of an uncontested divorce can include significant cost savings, time savings, as well as salvage some type of relationship between the spouses post divorce.

In Illinois, it is possible to complete an uncontested divorce in as little as a few weeks. That is very different from a typical divorce, where you may be in court for years, missing work, paying attorney fees, and dealing with stress.

How An Uncontested Divorce Works In Illinois

The first step in an uncontested divorce is reaching an agreement with your spouse. Then, you will both need to complete and file the necessary documents, including your property settlement agreement, custody agreement, and paying the associated fees.

If you are filing a contested divorce, you will need to have the divorce petition served on your spouse by the Sheriff or a private process server. This step is not necessary if you are filing for an Agreed/Uncontested divorce.

Since you and your spouse have already agreed on the issues, all that is left to do is attend a court hearing. If everything is in order, the judge can finalize your divorce after hearing brief testimony.

What Is A Publication Divorce?

If your spouse’s whereabouts are unknown, it is possible to seek a type of uncontested divorce called a publication divorce. In this process, service upon the missing spouse takes place via an official notice that is published in a local newspaper to satisfy the legal requirements for divorce.

Do You Need An Attorney In An Uncontested Divorce?

While it is possible to obtain an agreed/uncontested divorce without help from a legal professional, having guidance and support is valuable. Even if you have already discussed and agreed on the main terms of the divorce, our attorneys can help you work out the details, ensuring your divorce decree is written correctly and that you have not overlooked anything.

Whether an agreed/uncontested divorce is the right option for you or whether another type of divorce will work better, you can rely on us to help you.

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