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When you need legal guidance in determining fair child support, enforcing an order or modifying an existing order, you can turn to Shyama S. Parikh, P.C. With more than 18 years of experience practicing family law in the Waukegan area, we have helped numerous clients enforce their rights when it comes to financial support. You can expect us to explain your choices and help you decide on what is best for you and your children.

How Child Support Works In Illinois

Both parents have an obligation to support the minor child(ren). First, parents must determine the paternity of the child. Typically, the parent who has primary custody receives a percentage of the nonresidential parent’s net income for child support. The percentage increases based on the number of children. For example, for one child, statutory child support is 20% of the obligor’s net income, for two children it is 28%, for three children it is 32% etc. The parties may also request a deviation upward or downward.

Child support may be paid directly, through the clerk of the circuit court or through a notice to withhold income for support directly from the employer. Child support may be modified, either an increase or decrease, upon a substantial change in circumstances. One of the parties must file a motion with the court if they seek a modification; it will not be automatically reviewed by the court.

Are There Other Forms Of Financial Support?

In addition to child support, the parties may be ordered to contribute toward medical insurance, uncovered medical expenses, daycare, school expenses and extra-curricular activities. The court may also require each party to maintain a life insurance policy and will allocate the income tax exemption between the parties, as appropriate. In addition, either party may file a petition asking for a contribution toward college. The court will look at several factors when dividing the costs of same between the parents and the child.

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