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A Court Order Doesn’t Have To Last Forever

Post-decree issues are any issues that occur after the divorce is final. They can be related to the modification of parenting time, the modification of child support, the modification of parental responsibilities or even unclear/unaddressed issues in the divorce decree.

If you need to change or update an existing court order, you can receive help from our attorneys at Shyama S. Parikh, P.C. Based in Waukegan, we assist clients in litigating petitions for post-decree modifications. In more than 40 years of combined practice, we have helped hundreds of clients successfully adjust their court orders to fit changes in their lives.

How Post-Decree Modifications Work

Most often, a petition or motion for a post-decree modification is filed by the person who is seeking relief. The opposing party must receive notice of said petition/motion with the initial court date. The court may not address the petition/motion on the first court date in order to give the other side time to respond, unless the matter is found to be an emergency. The parties may also need to engage in discovery, the exchange of documents/information. If an agreement is not reached, the court can either conduct a pre-trial conference to give a recommendation or may conduct a hearing to make a ruling. The amount of time post-decree matters take or the amount it will cost, varies greatly.

Post-Secondary Education Expenses (College Contribution)

Illinois is one of several States that allows for college contribution. Section 513 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act governs post-secondary education expenses and are dealt with around the senior year of high school. We are often retained by a parent to file a Petition to Allocate Post Secondary Education Expenses and encourage you to contact us so that we can guide you and prepare you so that your child does not miss out.

For More Information About Modifications, Contact Us

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